The Beginning...Again!

My friends and family probably think I'm a little flighty about my store. But I'm completely open and transparent about my journey with my online store. So, not to bore you with details, I'll summarize. Initially I started with computer accessories, then moved into women's products but knew nothing about marketing. So, my site sat there and nothing happened.

I saw an interview that a company called Oberlo did with a young man that is a Drop Shipper. He had a lot of success and a lot of sales with one item. He has what they call a General Store, not just one niche (or type of product). His site includes gadgets and accessories. I had a light bulb moment. I thought, "I love gadgets!" "I could do this."

So, I revamped my site, redid my logo and purchased his training. Thinking I just needed to start over and get a fresh start. I even had a one on one consultation with Chris. I asked him to review my site, just knowing he would have nothing but good things to say about it. He reviewed it and had nothing but negative things to say. You can imagine, I was a little deflated to say the least. Not that he is the "end all" to knowing what a good site is but did respect his opinion. 

But I was a little confused as I had nothing but positive feedback from friends, family and colleagues. I was at a loss, not knowing what to do next.

Then I just started asking God to give me direction. Probably within a couple of weeks, a supplier that I found when I first started and kept their info for possible future use came to mind. I pulled them up online and realized that this was the direction I'd been praying for. I had always wanted my store to help people. But never considered the people that it might help could be the ones making the product! I knew I was in sync with God at that time.

I added their products (this organization belongs to the Fairtrade Market, which is very important to me)  to my store and I knew other products that I would add would need to be handmade, Eco-friendly, Organic and/or involved in the Fairtrade Market.  My main goal is to help people. Whether it be the Artisan that is trying to make a living for their family or the customer who will benefit from one of my product lines.